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Find out how the projects you’re supporting are fighting against climate change and all the problems it creates.

We have funded 2.2 million dollars already on certified projects.

Until now we have removed 14,900 tons of carbon equivalent to...


Planted trees around the world


New York - London 6h flights


Annually miles of average car emissions

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Expanding our global impact with an ambitious pipeline of projects being evaluated for funding support.

All of our projects are selected based on a rigorous assessment process and regulated by independent organizations. We are accountable for everything that we do.

From the ground up

All our climate projects are directly invested in on ground climate projects.


All projects we support must have gone through rigorous due diligence. Our supervisory board approves the project roadmap and implementation plan.


We maintain an ‘always on’ approach to communicate with project teams and monitor the climate projects.


Any project we support must be properly verified and its carbon credit yield certified by independent organizations.


We will provide partners and players with up-to-date information about all funds raised and how they are used.

Our goal is impact

As a not-for-profit entity, our primary goal is to maximize the efficiency and success of a project. We will always look for ways to improve this.

PlanetPlay is funded by Sphaira Innovation, a not-for-profit entity registered in Switzerland, dedicating to leveraging people and technology's power on fighting against climate crisis. To learn more about the governance, and how we use the funds raised.

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